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Major Turning Point for World Economy = October 2015

Blog by | April 28th, 2015

Mark my word - a major turning point in the world economy will be October 2015 due to the financial crisis in Europe. Right now a significant percentage of the European population are selling all their euro debt and buying German debt. It is not that they believe German debt is a valuable investment, it's that they are assuming that the euro is going to fail. If you think the US dollar is going down you are kidding yourself. Watch for a brief period of deflation then the pendulum will quickly swing to inflation. Anytime you have inflation you want your money in hard assets like real estate. The US and Canadian real estate markets are going to be strong investment markets come this Fall for Europeans fleeing with cash. All you have to do is look at history to predict the future. "Location, location, location" is an absurd statement. Investing in real estate is all about "Education, Timing, Location" - you miss one element and you're in trouble. Location is only a percentage of the equation, not the entire equation.

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