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Canadians Spending Winters in the US

Blog by | January 18th, 2015

Canadians Spending Winters in the US:

The new Entry Exit Initiative allows officials to track how many days you spend in the US (used to only be able to track exit dates, not re-entry). As a Canadian you are allowed to spend 120 days MAX in a single year. If you stay more than 120 days you run the risk of:

  • being considered a U.S. resident and having to pay taxes on worldwide income
  • losing your Canadian residency and your health care
  • being deemed illegally in the U.S. and being banned from the country for three to 10 years.

You are not allowed 6 months per year in the US as most people think. That is 100% FALSE! You can fill out special forms and obtain permission to stay 6 months but it is not automatic. Ignorance is never a plausible defence - you better know the rules before you play the game or it will cost you big time!


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