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Blog by | April 30th, 2008

Note to Canadian TV: Don't Mess With Rebagliati

Because he will sue you and you'll end up paying him. From Reuters:

Olympic gold-medal-winning snowboarder Ross Rebagliati has settled a lawsuit over a television series that he had accused of defaming him.

The Canadian snowboarder reached the out-of-court settlement with CTV Television network and producers of the series, "Whistler," according a statement released by his spokesman on Friday. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.
What was the lawsuit about?
Rebagliati said he was defamed by a character in the syndicated series named Beck MacKaye, who was portrayed as a former Olympic snowboarder and resident at the Whistler, British Columbia, ski resort whose death was linked to alcoholism, womanizing and blackmail.

Rebagliati, who lived in Whistler when he won the gold medal at the Nagano Winter Games in 1998, alleged the "reprehensible" character was so similar physically and in sports history that people thought the character was modeled on him, or created by him.
Haha. Those lazy producers. They should have created a less obvious character. But then again, maybe they were asking to be sued.

Rebagliati, in case you forgot, was originally stripped of his gold medal because he tested positive for marijuana. He got back his medal when it was pointed out that the Olympic rule book doesn't say you can't smoke dope.