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National Post - article on Ross

Blog by | April 2nd, 2008

The Alberta advantage

What happens when one Canadian songbird interviews another? Why, the talk turns to flight

Shinan Govani, National Post  Published: Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Robyn Beck, AFP, Getty Images

You never do know what life in the Feist lane is going to bring next. Recently, for instance, the Canadian songbird took on an elder national songbird -- k.d. lang, that is -- and even thanked her for being her first.

Her first interview subject, that is! For, after all, it is in the latest issue of Interview that she plays nosy reporter with lang, who, we note, is not only a fellow Canadian, but an adjoining Albertan!

Appropriately, the girl-on-girl action comes just days before the Junos, in Calgary, where both the upstart and the doyenne are both expected to appear.

"My interest was never in who you sleep with," prefaces the fab Feist at one point. At another, the recent Grammy nominee asks, windingly, "I basically live on tour. The novelty of the bus never wears off for me. You must have navigated Canada for years in a van. Have you for forgotten those days?"

lang, whose latest CD is called Watershed, responds: "I certainly have not forgotten those days. And yes, I did Canada in a van a few times. And in the winter, too, which is so stupid."

These days, though, the Constant Cravin' diva " can't do the bus." Has to have a good night's sleep in a proper bed. Says, " I'd rather spend my day travelling on an airplane to get to the show."

Which is when the Interview interview gets really interesting. Telling, too. Faster than you can say 1, 2, 3, 4, Feist asks: But how can you do that? For her, the " fake air" on airplanes just " wreak havoc" on her voice! So, k. d., what's your secret?

Her secret? It's a non-secret. " For some reason," she replies honestly, " it doesn't affect me. I know it affects a lot of singers."

Aha! For those who've argued that lang's voice is " celestial" and " otherworldy," among other things, here is yet more backup for that theory. Some singers just have more mettle and god-given pluck -- " fake air" or no " fake air."


-That Paul and Gina Godfrey, right, were just some of the VIP caste-types found on a Saturday morning sneak-peek flight to New York on Porter Airlines -- now offering seven show-stopping daily flights from Toronto!

-That famed Olympic-winning snowboarder Ross Rebagliati was spotted doing the after-party thing at Amber last Friday, when he was in awesome spirits, and where he gamely traded in boards for bubbly.

-That Don Diamont, a.k.a. the studly pool-boy-turnedbusinesman Brad Carlton from The Young and the Restless, a.k.a. the soap that turned 35 last week (and also celebrated its position as the No. 1 soap for an astounding 1,000 weeks straight), did the filet-thing at Morton's in Toronto over the weekend.

-That tomorrow night at The Distillery boxing legend George Chuvalo and acting heavyweight Albert Schultz are the two nominees at a DareArts Foundation dinner -- both being honoured for their work with kids at risk.

-That David Shore, the Canuck behind TV's House says this of his alter-ego, HughLaurie, in U of T's alumni magazine: ''I like to think that he is a bigger a--hole than I am. I like to think that I'm not an a--hole."