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Creating more storage space

Blog by | March 16th, 2008

How to Create More Storage Space in Your Closest?
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Extra storage is always a plus, as it lets you stay organized. You don't need to renovate to add more storage space, you can create more space for free and without remodeling your home! Revamping your existing closets can do the job. Unfortunately most of us don't consider the full potential of the closets we do have. To understand their true potential, simply take a good objective look inside the closets you already have and the empty spaces that could be created. Let's get started!

1. De-clutter. Before you start reorganizing your closet, ask yourself, do I really need to keep all that stuff? Take a hard look at everything that you own and trash, donate, or even sell things that aren't important.

2. Sort through the contents that you plan on keeping. Make two piles; one pile of stuff that will go back into the closet and the other pile will be stored somewhere else, such as in the basement. The second pile should consist of things you rarely need, such as Christmas decorations or your old high-school yearbooks.

3. Look carefully at the items you're going to put back into the closet. Visualize how those things will best fit into the closet space.

4. You don't have to just hang things in closets. You can add shelf units, baskets, and bins to store things in. Storage spaces in closets can be found above, below, and to all sides of the closet.

5. Make your closets serve a variety of purposes. The extra shelving unit will allow you to store pantry goods and other items like shoes, scarves, handbags, and even books.

6. Invest in a shoe rack that can be incorporated into your closet. Whether it sits on the floor or hangs from the door it will keep your shoes together and will give the whole closet a more organized look.

7. Plan to store your out-of-season clothes out of the way in boxes or elsewhere. Use the closet only to keep those items you wear regularly during a season.

8. Adding a shelving rack to the inside of a closet door can make even the shallowest closet seem deeper.

9. Slide Out Bins. Integrate your laundry basket into your closet. You can use slide out bins to store dirty laundry, then simply slide them out and bring down to the laundry room on wash day.

10. If closet space is still tight and there are few open spaces in your home that can be turned into closets, try adding an armoire or wardrobe. This is a furniture piece used for storing clothes that is a popular and practical item in many homes today.

For most people the ideal closet is the size of a room where there is space to hang clothing, lots of shelves to tuck and stash away things. A place of fairy world where you can walk around and assess all your personal belongings. In reality, most people's closets don't match the ideal closet. Even though closets are not the sort of thing most of us like to face, they are the best potential storage space found in any house. The more effective and organized your closets are, the more effective and organized you feel!