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Blog by | December 7th, 2007

A booming economy, an abundance of natural resources and plenty of land makes Canada an ideal place for people to move to. As more people move to Canada the demand for housing will go up. When demand increases and the supply goes down prices rapidly increase. Taking everything into consideration, it is a smart decision to start investing your money in the Canadian real estate market now.


·         Canada has a strong migration history which can be seen today as much as ever before. On average 200,000 people migrate to Canada each year.


·         The population density in Canada is 3.5 people per square kilometre which is the lowest in the world.


·         The amount of oil and natural gas reserves in Canada will someday make Canada the world’s largest supplier of fossil fuels to the world. Oil reserves in Canada are estimated at 179.2 gigabarrels (billion barrels) and natural gas reserves are estimated at 10.5 trillon cubic metres (after cumulative production). 


·         When the method of efficiently extracting the oil reserves from the Canadian oil sands is perfected, Canada is projected to match or surpass the likes of Saudi Arabia and become one of the richest nations on earth.


·         Canada had abundant commodities such as base metal, lumber, precious metals, water and power.


·         Canada is the only country in the G-8 that does not have a budget deficit.


·         Canada is going to become the lowest taxed regime corporately in the industrialized world, with federal income tax on businesses coming down to 15% in the next five years. This is a huge incentive for foreign industries and corporations to move to Canada.


·         The Canadian dollar continues to stay strong.



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