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2014 Predictions

Blog by | September 20th, 2013

  • The five top cash flow towns for real estate investors next year will be Calgary, Edmonton, Abbotsford, Lloydminster and Surrey.
• The best condo investment deals in Vancouver this year and next will be new condos, not re-sales (make offers)

• Massive money printing means Inflation will visibly return by 2014 - more strikes for higher wages as people realize the reported inflation is wrong

• Canadian dollar will become a full reserve currency and attract massive capital from Europe and Asia - impacting real estate prices, agricultural sectors. The Canadian dollar will recover.

• Vancouver will become a Financial centre powerbase in Canada by 2016

• The bottom is in place in the US real estate market.

• All LNG plants will be built ... All Pipelines will be built by 2018

• Federal Government brings in foreign investment restrictions on private investors - or tax penalties like Hong Kong, Australia, Austria and elsewhere

• The structural problems of Europe will continue and astounding actions by Governments will be taken to grab individual rights and money. (Poland's grabbing 50% of investor pension plans last week, for instance)

• If Mrs. Merkel loses the election next Sunday in Germany - all bets are off! The euro will likely collapse within the next 5 years