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Financing Approval

Blog by | August 9th, 2013

I just had a deal where my client's mortgage broker told him after two weeks of trying he could not obtain financing approval for my client. Rather than collapse the deal we extended the subject to finance clause by 3 days and sent the deal to Melissa Wood at RBC. Within 48 hours Melissa had financing approval for my client. If you are getting turned down for a mortgage it is not always your fault. Crunch your own numbers and know your debt service ratio. My client was devastated when he was turned down for financing. I had him send me all his financial information to find out what the problem was. I discovered that there were not any problems on his end. He's numbers were solid which is why we sent it to a new mortgage specialist asap. Errors happen. If something doesn't seem right to you then question it! Don't walk away from your dream home because you've hit a road block. 

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