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Average Homes Prices Across Canada Compared

Blog by | November 21st, 2013

Prices for an "average" 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home:

  • · Greater Vancouver, British Columbia ($952,000),
  • · Fort McMurray, Alberta ($630,000) and
  • · Oakville, Ontario ($624,000),
  • · Kelowna, British Columbia ($429,000)
  • · Grand Falls, New Brunswick ($160,000) and
  • · Windsor, Ontario ($189,000).

When you look at the numbers across Canada, Kelowna is actually priced extremely well compared to other cities. With interest rates still at an historic low and home prices down, now is a fantastic time to buy your retirement and/or vacation home in the Okanagan. Even if you are not ready to move now, you should buy now and rent your property out until you are ready to move. Prices will go up in the future. You will kick youself 10 years from now if you fail to buy now. 

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