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Manufactured Homes - Electrical Label

Blog by | February 20th, 2009

Electrical Inspection Label

In general, the electrical safety of an installation is determined through a combination of methods: qualified workers, approved standards, certified equipment, inspections and audits. When building a single family dwelling, licensed contractors utilizing registered qualified workers make declarations to Safety Officers confirming that the installation is built according appropriate standards. Safety Officers then inspect and audit as necessary to ensure accurate declarations are being made. Equipment built by a manufacturer is not subject to this type of declaration and inspection process, but instead, is subject to a certification process by an approved certification agency (such as CSA), as required by rule 2-100(1)(1) in the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1. When certification of equipment is not evidenced, then equipment must either be inspected by a Certification agency for compliance to the manufacturer's approved standards, or may be inspected by the Safety Authority to indicate that it is safe for installation. For manufactured homes in BC, this program is known as the "Silver Label".

Manufactured homes, built in Canada after 1974 have been required to be certified at time of construction. Certification labels that may have been originally installed may now be missing. As well, there are a number of manufactured homes that are older than 1975, or were built outside of Canada. All of these manufactured homes are considered "equipment" (ie built in a factory and not field inspected by the local authorities or registered field safety representatives) and are therefore subject to Rule 2-100 mentioned above. Comments from our Safety Officers who perform the Silver Label program indicate that these inspections often reveal deficiencies or inadequacies in the electrical system, and they feel that this requirement for a label to be attached adds significant value to the safety of the home owner. So, whether the home is deregulated or not, it requires an certification label.


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