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Property Taxes in Whistler

Blog by | February 10th, 2007

Both the water bill and the property taxes are due on July 2nd each year. The property tax bill is mailed in June to the address shown on the title of the property. If the taxes are not paid by the due date (usually by July 2) there will be a 2% late payment penalty for the first week and an additional 8% penalty if it is not paid with 7 days of the due date. There is a grant available if the property is your principal residence/ The Whislter Municipality will provide you the grant form with the tax notice.

If you purchase a property in the spring the Municipality may send the tax notice to the previous owner. The Municipality will still charge you a penalty should the taxes not be paid on time so it is important to contact the Municipality in June should you not receive the tax bill. The Whistler Municipality tax office can be contacted at 604.932.5535.